Galaxy Globe Small

Ved alle køb af Galaxy Globe Small medfølger en s-krog og Globen bliver leveret i flot æske


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Galaxy Globe is a collection of unique and minimalistic mobiles for your home. The mobile is made from brass and marble. The elegant construction creates a peaceful atmosphere while the light brass rings move freely around the steady marble sphere, and thereby resembling planets in space.

Galaxy Globe is available in a variety of colours; dark green, light onyx, dark grey, light grey, blue, vintage rose, marbled white, brown, creme and orange. They come in five different sizes: single, small, medium, large and large long.

Please note that the colours may vary from the photos shown because each marble sphere is unique.


Blue, Brown, Creme, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Light Onyx, Marbled White, Orange, Vintage Rose


Kaja Skytte