In our shop you will find a broad selection of unique products. We have come together across a variety of products, skills and backgrounds to create a platform for synergy, inspiration and community. In our shop you will find unique products, made by hand and with a love of design, quality and aesthetics. Each designer brings something special to the shop and inspires you with ingenious and beautiful products.

The Design Collective consists of Ceramicist Kristina Vildersbøll, the Jewllery Designers Lind&James, the Glassmakers Jette Bøge & Sally Xenia (Blæs) Architect Anita Bonde Eriksen (Bondecor), Architect Kaja Skytte and leather-crafter Maria Solon (Solon Handmade).

Our style is characterized by a minimalistic and timeless design in good materials and great quality craftmanship. We have a broad catalogue of products within the range of a lifestyle shop, such as jewellery, accessories, interior design and arts and craft products. At the Design Collective our core values are curiosity, community, honesty, engagement and drive. The energy between us is important. We are more than just a shop – we are a community were friendships grow while we exchange ideas, inspire each other and share our knowledge and skills.

In the Design Collective shop you can:

Meet the designers behind the products.

Hear the stories behind the products.

Order custom made versions of certain products so they fit you 100%