BLÆS is Danish for ‘blow’ and refers to the thousands-year old art of shaping molten glass with mouth blown air. Continued within a collective glassblowing studio, the traditional craft methods are mastered and developed with a focus on minimizing waste and maximizing the reuse of resources.

BLÆS produces contemporary designs, unique works and sculptural installations that merge design and nature, form and function, art and technology. The works are the result of the combined and individual artistic approaches and practices of Jette Noa Liv Bøge and Sally Xenia Christensen, both glass designers with extensive international experience and portfolios of award-winning works.

BLÆS’ studios are open and outreaching spaces, based on collective action and interaction to promote and develop the field of glass crafts. BLÆS engages in the local communities that its studios are part of and invites the public in to learn about its work through events and workshops. As well as taking on commissions they also engage in developing prototypes.

Sustainability and circularity are an integrated part of BLÆS, from the studios built from recycled materials to the process and designs, using leftover glass in many creations which result in characteristic shades and materiality. As handmade products with each item carrying the unique marks of the process and passion of the craftsman, the work is a deviation of the mass-produced glassware – an enduring design to use and to cherish for years to come.

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